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Not that I've ever done much shopping at Hobby Lobby, anyway.  Maybe once or twice a year.  

But I have occasionally made a stop if I was looking for, say, both upholstery and craft item for the same project.  Less driving around, less wasted gas and time, blah, blah.

But no more.

I don't really give a shit how my boycott affects hobby lobby (though a good hurtin' on them would be most satisfying).  Seems hobby lobby doesn't care as much about profits (as evidenced by having their stores closed on busy Sunday shopping days) as much as they care imposing their conservative fundie ideology on women who are at their mercy.

Well, this is one woman who's had it with them and their ilk.  Time to take a stand.

What I care more about is sending a message to those companies that might even consider following hobby lobby's example - you take this course of action, you discriminate against women, you play these games, then be warned and prepared,

Who's with me?


It's been suggested that I post of list of the other companies that were also challenging ACA's mandatory contraception mandate in court

from Mother Jones

Geneva College v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 2/21/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: The Pennsylvania-based for-profit plaintiffs are Seneca Hardwood, a lumber business, and WLH Enterprises, a sawmill. Geneva College is a Pennsylvania-based non-profit.

O’Brien v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/15/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: O’Brien Industrial Holding is a Missouri company engaged in the exploration, mining, processing, manufacturing, and distribution of refractory and ceramic raw materials.

Newland v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 4/30/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Hercules Industries Inc. is a Colorado corporation that manufactures heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products, owned by the Newlands and another plaintiff.

Weingartz Supply Company v. Sebelius (also known as Legatus v. Sebelius)
FILED ON: 5/7/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Weingartz Supply Company is a secular Michigan company that sells outdoor power equipment. Legatus is a nonprofit organization comprising more than 4,000 members including individuals and professional organizations.

Triune Health Group v. Sebelius (also known as Yep v. Sebelius)
FILED ON: 8/22/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Triune is a secular Illinois corporation that specializes in facilitating the reentry of injured workers into the workforce.

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., et al. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 9/12/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Hobby Lobby is a national craft supply chain with headquarters in Oklahoma. Mardel (another plaintiff) is a privately held bookstore and education company specializing in Christian books and religious texts.

Tonn and Blank Construction v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 9/20/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Tonn and Black Construction, LLC, is an Indiana construction company.

Tyndale House v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/2/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Tyndale is an Illinois for-profit publishing company focusing on Christian books.

Autocam Corporation et al. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/8/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Autocam Automotive makes parts for transportation while Autocam Medical makes medical equipment. These are western Michigan-based manufacturing companies that operate across the United States.

Korte & Luitjohan Contractors v. United States Department of Health and Human Services
FILED ON: 10/9/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Korte & Luitjohan Contractors Inc., is an Illinois-based full-service construction contractor.

American Pulverizer Co. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/19/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Springfield Iron and Metal, LLC, American Pulverizer Company, Hustler Conveyor Company, and City Welding are four Missouri-based companies involved in the business of wholesale scrap metal recycling and manufacturing of related machines.

Grote Industries v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/29/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Grote Industries is an Indiana-based, privately held business manufacturing vehicle safety systems.

Annex Medical Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 11/2/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Annex Medical and Sacred Heart Medical are companies that design, manufacture, and sell medical devices. They are owned by Stuart Lind. Tom Janas is an additional plaintiff who is an entrepreneur who has owned several dairy businesses in the past and intends to purchase another in 2013. He currently operates Habile Holdings and Venture North Properties, companies that lease commercial properties but currently have no employees.

Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 12/4/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation is a Pennsylvania-based wood cabinet and specialty products manufacturer.

Domino’s Farms Corporation v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 12/14/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Domino’s Farms is a Michigan-based property management company.

Sharpe Holdings Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 12/20/2012

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Sharpe Holdings Inc. is a Missouri corporation that is involved in the farming, dairy, creamery, and cheese-making industries. Ozark National Life Insurance Company is a Missouri insurance corporation; N.I.S. Financial Services is a Missouri mutual fund broker, and CNS Corporation is the Missouri-based holding company for Ozark, N.I.S,. and Sharpe Holdings.

Sioux Chief MFG. Co., Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 1/14/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Sioux Chief MFG. Co Inc. is a Missouri Corporation that manufactures plumbing products.

Gilardi v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 1/24/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Freshway Foods is a fresh produce processor and packer. Freshway Logistics is a for-hire carrier of mainly refrigerated products. The companies are Ohio-based for-profits that serve 23 states.

Briscoe v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 2/4/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Continuum Health Partnership is a Colorado-based oxygen supply company. Conessione is an Investment company.

Hall v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 2/5/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Reverend Gregory Hall is a Catholic Deacon who owns American Mfg Company, a Minnesota-based company that manufactures and markets mining equipment, mud pumps, and parts for global distribution.

Lindsay, Rappaport and Postel LLC v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 2/14/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: LR&P is an Illinois-based law firm that primarily practices in insurance defense, insurance coverage, and appellate work.

Armstrong v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/5/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. is a Colorado-based full-service residential mortgage banking company.

Beckwith Electric Co. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/12/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Beckwith Electric Co. is a Florida-based provider of microprocessor-based technology.

Bick Holdings Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/13/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Bick Holdings Inc. is a Missouri-based holding company for operating companies Bick Group Inc., Bick Properties Inc., and SEALCO LLC. Through these subsidiaries BHI engages in data center consulting, design, maintenance, service, and cleaning.

Eden Foods Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/20/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Eden Foods is a Michigan-based corporation that specializes in supplying macrobiotic, organic food.

Mersino Management Company v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/22/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Mersino Management Co. is a Michigan-based management company and provides insurance for Mersino Enterprises, Mersino Dewatering, Global Pump Co., and Mersino South-West.

Hartenbower v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/26/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: The Hartenbowers co-own Hart Electric LLC, an Illinois-based manufacturer of electrical components, and H.I. Cable.

MK Chambers Company v. United States Department of Health and Human Services
FILED ON: 3/28/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: MK Chambers Company is a Michigan-based supplier of specialty machining.

Johnson Welded Products v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 4/30/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Johnson Welded Products is an Ohio-based manufacturer of reservoirs for air brake systems.

Ozinga v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 5/1/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: The Ozingas are owners and senior managers of Ozinga Bros. Inc., an Illinois-based producer of ready-made concrete.

SMA LLC. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 6/6/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: SMA LLC is a Minnesota based agricultural/industrial construction company.

Holland et al v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 6/24/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Holland Chevrolet is a West Virginia-based corporation engaged in selling and servicing motor vehicles.

Medford  v. Sebelius (also known as QC Group v. Sebelius)
FILED ON: 7/2/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: The QC Group Inc is a Minnesota-based corporation, owned by Daniel Medford and David DeVowe, which provides quality control services.

Willis & Willis PLC v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 7/24/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Willis & Willis PLC is a Michigan-based law firm.

Trijicon Inc. v. Sebelius (also known as Bindon v. Sebelius)
FILED ON: 8/5/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Trijicon Inc. is a Michigan-based maker of aiming systems for firearms.

Barron Industries v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 9/4/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Barron Industries Inc. is a Michigan-based company that produces metal castings for various industries.

Midwest Fastener Corp. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 9/5/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Midwest Fastener Corp. is a Michigan-based company that supplies fasteners to the hardware store, home center, and industrial markets.

Feltl & Co. Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 9/25/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Feltl & Co. Inc. is a Minnesota-based securities brokerage and investment banking company.

Randy Reed Automotive v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/8/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Randy Reed Automotive, Randy Reed Buick GMC, Randy Reed Nissan, and Randy Reed Chevrolet are Missouri-based car dealerships.

C.W. Zumbiel, Co. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/22/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Zumbiel Packaging is a Kentucky-based manufacturer of paperboard packaging for consumer goods.

Williams v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 10/30/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: The Williams own Electrolock Inc., an Ohio-based corporation that works in the electrical and thermal insulation industry.  Other plaintiff companies include Stone River Management Co. and Dunstone Co.

Doboszenski & Sons Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 11/14/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Doboszenski & Sons is a Minnesota-based company that provides services for excavation, demolition, and street construction and reconstruction.

Stewart et al. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 11/27/2013

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Encompass Develop, Design & Construct, LLC is a Kentucky-based architect, design and construction service of which John Stewart is the managing and sole member.

Hastings Automotive v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 1/29/2014

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Hastings Automotive Inc. (known as Hastings Ford) and Hastings Chrysler Center are Minnesota car dealerships.

Catholic Benefits Association v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 3/12/2014

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: For- and nonprofit corporations including the Catholic Benefits Association and Catholic Insurance Company.

M&N Plastics v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 5/31/2013 (in DC district court); 11/18/2013 (in Michigan district court)

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: M&N Plastics is a Michigan-based supplier of custom injection molding products.

Mersino Dewatering Inc. v. Sebelius
FILED ON: 9/3/2013 (in DC district court); 11/26/2013 (in Michigan district court)

ABOUT THE PLAINTIFF: Mersino Dewatering Inc. is a Michigan-based company that provides dewatering (water removal) services. It has branches in Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania


Hobby Lobby Boycott Facebook Page for those so inclined.  They're also posting a list of craft store alternatives there.  h/t ShoshannaD


Another plaintiff to add to the list

Stinson Electric v. Sebelius filed 3/26, 2014
2716 Pahl Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418 -
Phone: (612) 788-0244
About the Plaintiff:  Electrical Contractor Electrical design and installation for commercial, industrial and residential customers.


Boycotting Hobby Lobby

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